Hi! I’m Nicole, but you can call me Nikkie!

I believe when you find something you love, you have a responsibility to yourself to do it; and when you find something you’re great at, you have a responsibility to others to do it. In my everyday life I’m just an always sketching, old school r&b and Jesus loving, constantly smiling, taco craving, Oprah and Tracee Ellis Ross adoring, off-key singing, ex track and field running, world traveling, public speaking, hobby sewing, late night you tube tutorial watching, married to the man of my dreams- 4kid having, girl who found some things she loved and turned out to be pretty great at them.

Take a peek at the magic I am privileged to make, below!…




Visual Communication… being able to pick up a pencil and create something that moves people- it’s something I truly love. It doesn’t matter if I’m using illustration to speak to and inspire people, creating custom commissions or being trusted to bring someone’s characters or brand vision to life… whether I’m collaborating on creative projects with fashion, entertainment, & lifestyle brands or contributing to their narratives in fun and unexpected ways- You can be sure that I am always in my happy place when I have a sketchbook in my hands!


What is a Life Stylist, you ask? Just my fancy way of saying Life Balance Specialist. You see, what had happened was, as my illustration business became more & more successful (and my family grew larger…and larger!) my free time began to disappear. The many hours I had to spend on all of the things in my life that were important to me, were gone. Suddenly, I was this successful entrepreneur with an incredibly full life, struggling like mad to juggle it all. I knew something had to give. So I asked myself what I was willing to sacrifice to achieve professional greatness, and my answer was, “Not a damn thing!”

So I took a step back and developed a strategy for not just creating, but maintaining, life balance… And it changed my life.


Remember my belief that if you find something you’re great at you have a responsibility to others to do it? Well… I happen to be hella dope with words. So dope that they call me The “Hitch” of Personal & Professional Communication. This is my something great.

I teach people how to use strategic communication in their businesses, brands & personal lives in ways that silence ego, clarify intent and minimize barriers. In a nutshell, I position you to get you what you want. The first time. Every time.


Who says you can’t have it all? I say you can!

-Nicole Updegraff

Dear Self, Get it together! How to take your life from tragic to magic in 10 easy steps!

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